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   * **Chassagne-Montrachet En Remilly** (June 2012): advanced but not fully oxidized [droch]   * **Chassagne-Montrachet En Remilly** (June 2012): advanced but not fully oxidized [droch]
 +  * **Puligny–Montrachet "La Truffière"​** (Jun. – Aug. 2019): 1 btl not oxidized + 1 btl oxidized. 14% ABV (!). The good bottle was yellow gold in color. Very lovely, but richer & fatter than in other vintages. A firm mineral backbone, however, keeps the richness in check on the palate. In this vintage, the style of this wine reminds me of his father Michel'​s PM "Les Demoiselles"​. From a lot of 2 purchased in Jan. 2018 from the auction platform of a reputable West Coast retailer. [Rayner Cheung]
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