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Background information

  • From Burghound (2002): Dancer bottles after 12 months just before the next vintage, and bottles barrel by barrel.
  • Sept/Oct 2009 Issue of IWC: Mr. Tanzer says the following: “Dancer told me that 1999 and 2000 were his problem vintages with premature oxidation, and that since that era he has taken a number of steps to prevent his wines from dying an early death in bottle, including longer elevage, the use of more small doses of SO2 (there were previously just three main additions done), no more filtration for the bottling and different corks. And, since 2004, he has pressed harder and faster. ‘Previously we started with too-fine lees,“ he told me. Now Dancer begins with a rather substantial 20 liters of lees per barrel but does not do batonnage.’ ”
  • Sept/Oct 2010 Issue of IWC: Mr. Tanzer adds: “Dancer presses relatively hard and quickly, does no debourbage, and brings fully 12 to 15 liters of “healthy” lees into the barrel. (Since 2004 he has also done a longer elevage, bottling after 18 months without filtration.) . . .Incidentally, Dancer told me that he has replaced some customers' prematurely aged bottles of his 2000s and 1999s with bottles from more recent vintages.”


  • La Romanee Chassagne (March 2007) Oxidized
  • La Romanee Chassagne (July 2007) Oxidized [Cole Kendall]
  • Meursault 1er cru Perrières (June 2008) Traces of oxidation, to be drunk rapidly [J. Prandi]

  • Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée (May, 1st 2009) Completely oxidized, dead [J. Prandi]
  • Meursault Perrières (Nov 2014) Wins the award for most oxidized brown burg ever to date - purchased at Domain[R Younger]
  • Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée (3/39/3008) not oxidized, good nose, good acidity (Keith Akers)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée (Dec 2008) not oxidized, to be drunk, medium body and not impressive [J. Prandi]
  • Chassagne-Montrachet Tete du Clos (May 2012 & June 2013) not oxidized, very good, still young (Adrian Latimer)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée (Nov 2015) not oxidized (Adrian Latimer)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée (Nov 2016) not oxidized (Adrian Latimer)
  • Meursault Perrieres (Aug 2017) not ox, but seriously austere (Adrian Latimer)
  • Chassagne-Montrachet Tete du Clos (Dec 2018) not oxidized (Adrian Latimer)
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