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Background information

  • In vintage 1996: admitted batonnage, but frequency not disclosed other than comment that batonage was “less than in previous vintages.”
  • In vintage 1998: lees stirred weekly through the end of ML fermentation.
  • In vintage 1999: lees stirred weekly through the end of ML fermentation (per Tanzer). However, Burghound (Allen Meadows) reports that “Vincent [Morey] did observe that they did more batonnage (lees stirring) than usual (once per week versus the normal once every two weeks) and for a longer time as they believe this would do a better job of protecting against premature oxidation and would permit them to use less sulfur.” [Don Cornwell ed. note: another winemaker who thinks more batonnage = less sulphur needed. This is utterly counter-intuitive to say the least.]
  • In vintage 2000: lees stirred weekly through the end of ML fermentation.
  • In vintage 2003: some cuvees acidified twice–i.e. before primary and after ML fermentations
  • In vintage 2005: stirred the lees every other week until the malos completed between January and March [2006]


  • Puligny Truffiere (Mar-Dec 2004): four bottles, none overtly oxidized, but the first seemd quite woody and toasty [Don Cornwell]
  • Puligny Truffiere (Nov 2006) - not oxidized - very young / wood has integrated well - purchased off a list in Paris (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Truffiere (June 2007) - oxidized (R DeAngelo)
  • Puligny Truffiere (April 2008) - 2 bottles - 1 oxidized, 1 great (R DeAngelo)
  • Chassagne Vide-Bourses (Sep 2004): no sign of oxidation, 88+ [John Gilman]
  • Puligny Truffiere (Jan 2006): not oxidized, drinking well [Jim Miller]
  • Saint-Aubin En Remilly (Aug 2006): Not oxidized, lively, tasty. Slight oak [Frank Drew]
  • Chassagne Vide-Bourses (Mar 2006): Lovely bottle. Very classy. [Jim Coley]
  • Puligny Truffiere (May 2008) not oxidized (R DeAngelo)

  • Puligny Truffiere (Oct 2002): absolutely magnificent/a point, not oxidized [Dan Bailey]
  • Chassagne Les Caillerets (June 2006): No hint of oxidation, rich and unctious, could probably use a few more years. [Hillard Sharf]
  • Chassagne Embrazees (Feb 2007): Not oxidised, good Chassagne with some oak still to integrate. [Joe Durnell]
  • Chassagne Vide Bourse (Feb 2007): Not oxidised, again a good Chassagne. [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Truffiere (Oct 2005): not oxidized [R DeAngelo]
  • Puligny Truffiere (28 Dec 2005): not oxidized [R DeAngelo]
  • Chassagne Caillerets (Nov 2007): not oxidized, very good [Joe Durnell]
  • Puligny Truffiere (Nov 2007): not oxidized, really good [Joe Durnell]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Jan 2007): oxidized [Stephen Locke]
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