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 +===== Some producers are clearly more affected than others ===== 
 +\\  The oxidation which has been observed in the 1995 to 2004 vintages seems to vary widely among producers. Some producers seem to have a very high incidence of oxidized bottles while others have very little. **In my opinion [Ed. Don Cornwell], there appear to be five broad categories among producers**.\\ \\ __Category I (Worst Performance):​__ The first category is a group of producers whose rates of oxidation appear to be greater than one out of three bottles and, in a few cases, the incidence of oxidation approaches 100% by the time the wine is seven to eight years old. In my opinion, the producers who fall in this category of the highest incidence producers are: Guy Amiot, Bonneau du Martray, Colin-Deleger,​ Coutoux, Droin, Fontaine-Gagnard,​ Gagnard-Delagrange,​ Jadot [starting with 2000 vintage], Jouard, Juillot, Matrot, Montille, Tessier and Verget.\\ \\ __Category II (Below-Aaverage Performance)__:​ The second category is a group of producers who have unexplainable seemingly "​random"​ oxidation but at what would appear to be a clearly higher than normal or "above average"​ incidence. The producers who would presently fall in this category in my opinion are: Blain-Gagnard,​ Carillon, Girardin, Lafon, Hubert Lamy, Jean-Marc Pillot [recently "​elevated"​ from Category I based on better performance in post-99 vintages], Ramonet, Sauzet [recently "​elevated"​ from Category I on the strength of the 2000 and 2001 vintages] and Roumier.\\ \\ __Category III (Average Performance)__:​ The third category is the largest group of producers for whom the oxidation incidence is "​today'​s normal"​ or roughly 10-15%. There are far too many producers to name here individually,​ but you can figure it out by process of deduction given the other listed producers in Categories I, II, IV and V.\\ \\ __Category IV (Better than Average Performance)__:​ The fourth category is a group of producers who seem to have had oxidation problems in only one particular vintage or with one particular bottling in a vintage: Pernot (1995), Roulot (1996 Meursault Perrieres and perhaps others), Leroy SA (1996 Meursault Perrieres initial release) and Pierre Morey (1999).\\ \\ __Category V (Best Performance)__:​ The fifth and final group of producers are those who have very little premature oxidation as a percentage of bottles opened and indeed seem to have no higher incidence of premature oxidation since 1994 than they did before: Coche-Dury, DRC, Leflaive, Leroy/​D'​Auvenay and Raveneau.
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