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  • Corton Charlemagne (9 May 2009): not oxidized, great fruit driven nose, ripe and balanced. Best bottle until now (10th from 12)
  • Corton Charlemagne (27 July 2008): not oxidized, very young and took a while to open up [Keith Akers]

  • Corton Charlemagne (11 Feb 2006): not oxidized, great bottle [Arjan Damman]
  • Ladoix “Les Grechons” (Sept 2005): Not oxidized, young, bright, balanced [Frank Drew]
  • Ladoix “Les Grechons” (Jan 2008): Not oxidized, very fresh, bright, good concentration [Frank Drew]
  • Corton Charlemagne (6 Jun 2008): oxidized. This was the sixth bottle of 2000 that I opened during the last 2 months. All of them were oxidized. Two more to go… :-( [Paul Miserez]
  • Meursault “Les Vireuils” (7 Jun 2008): not oxidized. Great villages [Paul Miserez]
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