Background information

  • In vintage 2003: almost no batonnage
  • In vintage 2004: “We did some lees stirring but only at the very beginning and not much even then as I didn’t want to soften the wines unduly.”


  • Meursault Les Grands Charrons (24 Jan 2006): not oxidised [G Deschamp

  • Meursault (May 2011): not oxidised, a bit heavy, only moderate [Nick Kernoghan]
  • Meursault Perrieres (May 2013): oxidised, undrinkable [BDelancy ]
  • Meursault (October 2014): not oxidized [Howard Cooper]
  • Meursault Perrieres (March 2015): oxidised, bearily drinkable - previous bottle a couple of months ago was not oxidized [J W P inxten]
  • Meursault Perrieres (November 2015): really good, ready to drink. Not oxidized. [Howard Cooper]

  • Puligny Caillerets (Dec 2012): not oxidised, quite good though the sulfur is noticeable [MLT]
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