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  • Chassagne-Montrachet Blanchots-Dessus (December 2010): Not oxidised. [MdeMorey]


  • Meursault-Perrieres (December 2010): Not oxidised. 3 bottles - all deep gold but attribute this to very ripe (late picked ?) fruit and plenty of new oak. [MdeMorey]


  • Chassagne-Montrachet Blanchots-Dessus (May 2003-Sep 2011): 1st bottle oxidised (even in 2003!), then 2 wonderful bottles, then the last bottle corked ;-( [Alex Hunt]


  • Chassagne-Montrachet Blanchots-Dessus (Feb 2012-present): first bottle softer, more mature than the Charmes, but no oxidation. Second bottle (Oct 2012) was glorious, tight, vigorous, grand cru quality. Third bottle (Apr 2013) was pale but strangely cidery, with an (inexplicable) refermenting feel. Not classic oxidation, but not good at all [Alex Hunt]
  • Meursault-Charmes (June & Dec 2011): June - delicious, Dec - 2 bottles oxidised and down the sink [Adrian Latimer]
  • Meursault-Charmes (Oct 2011): delicious, bright, still in glorious slightly reductive phase [Alex Hunt]
  • Meursault-Genevrières (2007-present day): 5 bottles into the case so far, each one magnificent until the most recent (Aug 2013), which was markedly oxidised [Alex Hunt]
  • Meursault-Santenots (May 2010): Not oxidised.8 bottles - all fabulous and performing well above pedigree [R Younger]

2004 Meursault-Genevrières (March 2016) no pre mox, nice wine [b.henry]

  • Meursault-Genevrières (Nov 2013): not oxidised (Adrian Latimer)


  • Meursault-Genevrières (March 2015): not oxidised (Adrian Latimer)
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