Please-Do not make entries by erasing or over-writing the entries of others!

I have noticed recently that a few of you have gotten in the habit of adding entries by taking an existing post and simply erasing the date, comment and name of the poster and inserting your own information. PLEASE do not do this. It is easy to make entries using the default editor.

Please Include Your Name Each Time You Add a Post

Please include your name at the end on each wine you post about in the requested format, i.e., [Your Name]. This is not an anonymous board. Moreover, if you think about it, once two people fail to post their names the comments have no context.

Do I need to be member to edit a page?

Yes. This is one of the main changes linked to the migration. On the other hand there is no approval waiting period any more: you can create an account and start editing pages a few seconds later!

How to edit a page?

Check this page for more explanations on how to edit documents. This is mostly for fancy stuff, though. Most of what you'll need to edit pages on this wiki is provided directly in the editor toolbar. Alternately you can simply copy and paste an existing note and edit it.

How to add a producer

Go to our home page and click on Edit. Scroll down to the list of producers and find the space where you should insert the new producer (the list is sorted alphabetically on last names).

If you are using the text editor you should add an item in the list in the following way:

* Last Name, First Name or alternately * Name, Domaine

or, as an example:

* Amiot, Guy or * Leflaive, Domaine

The star (*) indicates a new item in a list. The double square brackets (and) indicate a link. The first item is the name of the target page, the second item is what will appear on the page. The 2 items are separated by a pipe (|).

If you are using the visual editor you should click on the button called “link” in the toolbar which will ask you for 3 fields:
- Link Text: put the name of the producer in the format “LastName, FirstName”, same format as other names in the list
- Wiki: should say “oxidized-burgs”, do not modify this field
- Page Name: put the same as in “link text”, i.e. “LastName, FirstName”

Click “Add Link” and Save the page. Once you have saved the page, you can click on the name of the producer. You can then click on “Create Page” on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to add a vintage

If a vintage does not appear in the list, you should add it as a “Heading 2” item (visual editor), or by surrounding it by double equal signs ( == ).

How to add a wine

  • First of all please be careful to add your comment directly in the edit window (i.e. in the middle of the existing text) and not in the optional comment field at the bottom of the page!
  • Add a new line for each entry, even if it means repeating the name of the wine. It increases readability.
  • The vintage is indicated in the section name and does not need to be repeated every time.
  • Add wines in alphabetical order.
  • Add wines in chronological order of tasting date (in order to see evolution in time of the phenomenon)
  • Keep the information short and to the point (to increase readability)
  • Keep the wine name short, e.g. “Puligny Pucelles” instead of “Puligny-Montrachet 1er cru Les Pucelles” - we know what we are talking about!
  • Include an external link to a fully fledged TN if you wish to do so, such as this
  • When submitting information about a specific wine please use the following format:
    • * wine (date): comment [contributor]
    • wine (date): comment [contributor]
  • This should e.g. look like this:
    • * Batard-Montrachet (21 Nov 2005): oxidised [Guillaume Deschamps]
    • Batard-Montrachet (21 Nov 2005): oxidised [Guillaume Deschamps]
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