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In vintage 1996: batonnage information unknown.


  • Batard-Montrachet (13 & 15 Oct 2004): full blown gold color with toasty aromas; outstanding but going fast [Don Cornwell]
  • Montrachet (11 Mar 2010): tasted with Jacques Gagnard's daughter Claudine Blain-Gagnard and Jean-Marc Blain in Los Angeles (from a bottle I purchased at auction a few years ago). In a “pre-oxidative” state said Messr. Blain. It exhibited some prominent yeasty oatmeal notes which he said if we decanted or allowed it to stand in the glass for a while it would disappear, and most of the odors did disappear after about an hour. [Don Cornwell]

  • Montrachet (5 Mar 2007): Not oxidized – see related tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Chassagne Morgeot (Nov 2006) not oxidized - from a 375 purchased off a list in Paris (R DeAngelo)
  • Chassagne Boudriotte (May 2007) not oxidized - very good showing (R DeAngelo)
  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Aug 2007) oxidized (R DeAngelo)

  • Chassagne Boudriotte (Nov 2012) Not oxidized. Elegant and fine, very nice expression of chardonnay. [Kurt]
  • Batard Montrachet (Aug 2013): Not oxidized, a solid wine [R Younger]
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