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  • In vintage 1996: apparently no batonnage done; wines left on their lees

Corton Charlemagne (Domaine bottling) (7 January 2012): Not oxidized; tremendous bottle [David Kubiak]

Batard Montrachet (Negoce bottling) (13 Jul 2006): Not oxidized. Rare bottling [Don Cornwell]

Meursault Perrieres (Domaine bottling): Tried twice in 2005. On both occassions completely oxidized and dead. See also notes from Allen Meadows and John Gilman on their respective databases noting this wine consistently oxidized [Don Cornwell]
Meursault Perrieres (Negoce bottling) (19 Jan. 2006): not oxidized, but underwhelming. This wine is currently in re-release from Leroy [Don Cornwell/Michael Zadikian]
Meursault Perrieres (06 Apr 2006): Oxidized [Kevin Harvey]




Puligny Montrachet - Les Pucilles (Negociants bottling): Not Oxidized. A let-down after a string of Domaine Leflaives I just had from this vintage, but otherwise nothing wrong with this bottle. [NTyson]

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