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Owned by Maison Albert Bichot. Important Chablis owners with almost 70 hectares of vines, mainly 1er and GC rated. Main crus are the 1ers Vaillons and Vaucoupins and the GC's of Blanchots & Moutonne. Current regime is lutte raisonnée, 'wild' yeasts, all stainless for the base wines, a couple of months (post ferment) in recently emptied Grand Cru barrels for the 1ers, and 10-20% barrel ferment (% depends on vintage) in 'old' barrels for the Grand Crus. Often the GC Blanchots will get more oak than the GC Moutonne (eg 2004).

As of the 2018 vintage utilizes DIAM closures for all of its wines – either DIAM 10 or 30.


  • Chablis 'Moutonne' (05 Feb 2006): very slight oxydative notes (nose of 10y old white hermitage) that could very well be attributed to normal aging [G Deschamps]
  • Chablis 'Moutonne' (Oct 2009): not really oxidized, but lacks freshness, a tired wine [Paul Klevgard]
  • Chablis Les Preuses (Jan 2011): oxidized, but perhaps to be expected at age 14 [Ralph Earle]
  • Chablis 'Moutonne' (Feb 2005 & Jan 2006): (2 bottles) both in good shape - though the more recent wine did seem younger [Bill Nanson]
  • Chablis Vaillons (since Feb 2005): (8 bottles) all bottles very fresh [Bill Nanson]
  • Chablis Vaillons (July 2009): Still fresh, now in a good place [Bill Nanson]
  • Chablis Les Preuses (Feb 2006): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Chablis Montée de Tonnerre (Sep 2005): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Chablis Montée de Tonnerre (Nov 2005): no oxidation [Jan-Tore Egge]
  • Chablis Bougros (Feb 2013): Purchased on release from importer - 6 bottles - 2 severely pre-moxed-2 moderately-2 okay [R Younger]
  • Chablis Les Clos (June 2012): dead as a doornail [David Honig]
  • Chablis Blanchot (June 2012): oxidized [David Honig]
  • Chablis Vaudesirs (June 2012): oxidized [David Honig]
  • Chablis Les Vaudésirs (March 2011): Not oxidized. Delicious. Maturing nicely, if a tad on the fast side. [NTyson]
  • Chablis Les Vaudésirs (Jan 2012): Not oxidized. Delicious. [NTyson]
  • Chablis Les Vaudédirs (March 2012): Not oxidized. Once again delicious. [NTyson]
  • Chablis Les Vaudésirs (June 2012): Not oxidized. Delicious. 2 bottles left. Will wait a while for those. [NTyson]
  • Chablis Blanchot (February/March 2015) two bottles oxidized [Ralph Earle]
  • Chablis Blanchot (May 2014): oxidized [Eric Lundblad]
  • Chablis Les Vaudesirs (Nov 2016). First bottle completely oxidised. Not drinkable. Second bottle (Nov 2016) not as bad but musty, strong acidity, no fruit, slight alcohol burn. Borderline drinkable but not pleasant. [Jonathan Day.]
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