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  • From Burghound, Issue 7 (July 2002): “Mikulski professes to be nuts about perfect triage work as he says that it's impossible to expect to make something great in the absence of perfect raw materials. The grapes are picked as late as possible and Mikulski claims to have not chaptalized any of his whites since 1993. The grapes are pressed without the use of enzymes followed by 24 hours of débourbage as he prefers to use only the fine lees. Once the must has been transferred to cask, he uses a regimen of bâtonnage every 10 to 12 days and the premiers crus receive around one-third new oak. The élevage generally lasts 18 months followed by a light Kieselguhr filtration but no fining followed by a mise that is done in-house.”


  • Meursault Genevrières (10 Feb 2006): mineralic pure, not oxidized [H Steininger & friends]
  • Meursault Genevrières (2003-2005): (6 magnums) none oxidized but all clearly at the limit of their development [Dan Bailey]
  • Meursault Genevrieres (2009): Four bottles, one quite coloured and a little too old, three fully developed and delicious [Sam Chafe].

  • Meursault Genevrières (30 Jun 2006): not oxidized [H. Steininger & friends]
  • Meursault Genevrières (07 Fev 2008): not oxidized, outstanding [J. Prandi]
  • Meursault Charmes (April 25, 2010): not oxidized, balanced and pure [Gregg Ushiroda]
  • Meursault Poruzots (Jun 2010): not oxidized, classic burgundy chardonnay, fresh and young, great wine [J. Prandi]

  • Meursault Charmes ( June 2014) deep gold, oxidised[ b.henry]
  • Meursault Genevrières (dec 2008): not oxidized, very young and impressive [J. Prandi]

  • Meursault Poruzots (14 Jan 2010): not oxidized; fresh green fruit; good body and acidity (F. Woodruff)

  • Meursault Village (3/7/2015): Not oxidised. Starting to fade but delicious wine nonetheless (J. Shanker)

  • Meursault Genevrieres (5 Feb. 2013): oxidized. Wine came direct from the importer's temperature controlled stock. See the Tasting Notes for the 2013 Premox Dinners. I will reevaluate another bottle to be supplied (Don Cornwell)


  • Meursault Charmes (21 June 2011): not oxidized; very good (S Camhi)
  • Meursault Genevrières (Nov 2011): Not oxidized; closed, but very fresh. [N Audi]
  • Meursault Poruzots (Feb 2012): Not oxidized, young and muted, but lovely [Rick Dalia]

Meursault Poruzots ( March 2016) totally pre-mox! { D. Lloyd]
Meursault Charmes ( April 2016) no pre-mox [ D Lloyd]

Meursault ( April 2016) premixed [d. lloyd]

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