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  • No present information on batonnage or winemaking regime


  • Batard Montrachet: (May 2011 at DRC): Not oxidised, one of the finest whites I have ever drunk, beeswax, white flowers, honey, lovely balance, long (Adrian Latimer)


  • Montrachet (1 Sept 2010): Not oxidized. Great smokey fruit nose but still very lean and tight. Way too early. Strong peppery spice that hasn't integrated yet [Stu Jakub]

  • Montrachet (26 Feb 2008): not oxidized, but somewhat simple and underwhelming given the overwhelming price. See 2000 tasting notes [Don Cornwell]
  • Montrachet ( 26 June 2009 ) : magnificent , honeyed nose , creamy , complex , simply great ( Herwig Janssen )
  • Montrachet (Nov 2012): not oxidized, good but nowhere near being worth the ticket [MLT]

  • Batard Montrachet (Sept 2011 at DRC): not oxidized, quite splendid (Adrian Latimer)

  • Montrachet (24/8/2014): very advanced, brown, clearly not right for a nine year old. Nose and palate were divine, would have been perfect if it were 50 yo. Nose faded, palate died over 2 hours leaving a sour taste in the mouth. [Don Osborne]

  • Hautes Cotes de Nuits (DRC) (Aug 2014, May 2015, July 2017): not oxidized, more like serious meursault (Adrian Latimer)

  • Hautes Cotes de Nuits (DRC) (Sept & Nov 2019): not oxidized, lovely (Adrian Latimer)
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